TREZOR model T – Preorder finally arrived

Today I have finally received my hardware wallet TREZOR model T.
I was waiting this bad boy for a long time. Preorder was placed in February 2018 and today waiting has come to an end.

Was it worth it? Well I could always order older model TREZOR one that was in stock everywhere around European shops but for the sake of future proof implementations that are still not uncovered I was thinking that method; better safe than sorry was better option in the long run.

Price was also very good as preordered batch vas few euros less expensive trough preorder then their old model currently in stores so KUDOS for my patience, it was worth it after all.

  • TREZOR model T package
  • TREZOR model T inner box
  • TREZOR model T inner box opened
  • TREZOR model T package content


Regarding the package, complete set is vacuumed in nylon to prevent any tampering with the content of the box. After you remove nylon just slide out dark part of the box from the white part open the box. Inner box doesn’t have any wrapping but small magnet that holds front cover from opening which is nice because you can later use the box for storing your device so It doesn’t get any dust or damage.


Package contains:

  • Trezor model T device
  • USB to USB-C cable
  • Magnetic holder
  • Recovery SEED sheet – 2 pieces
  • Trezor labels – 4 pieces
  • Getting started guide



To be continued…

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