Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) – environmentally friendly mining

The Smart Mining Company – Connecting the world of blockchain with environmentally friendly mining in unused buildings in the Swiss alps.


Who are these guys and where are they from?

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) – the startup company Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is Swiss Alps Mining & Energy’s operating business located in Huenenberg, Canton of Zug.


After reading whitepaper two times and watching different videos that I found on their official page and also some other on which I stumbled across different media I can say for sure that if they succeed in their initial plan of token sales and collect enough capital,  this could be successes like no any other before in this niche.

Previously we have seen some companies that have actually installed their mining equipment in the colder environment in the middle of nowhere, usually running on lower electricity costs  powered from fossil fuels but these guys are going step further.


So what do I mean by going step further?

Let me ask you one question about that; what can it be even better than buying cheap electricity if that is your main fuel for your core business?

How about you produce that same electricity by yourself and do that on best possible way for environment with hydro-plant that are in surplus all around Swiss Alps?

That is exactly what SAE is proposing in their project, by investing some part of ICO capital into acquiring small hydropower plants which would at first be used to power mining facilities and eventually surplus power would be offered for other interested parties as Swiss Alps Energy AG will expand its services into other business segments using distributed ledger technology.


Current electricity consumption worldwide

Current electricity consumption worldwide

If you look at current stats and number you can easily see why using green energy is important if we want to be accepted as welcome members of this society and not banned from mining in near future when someone decides that we are making too big changes to environment.

That would not happen to us you say?

Well think about that once again. What about diesel vehicles that are now proclaimed not welcome in many cities and will soon be banned completely from production? Or even better example; EU vacuum cleaner regulations about banning the sale of vacuum cleaners with motors more powerful than 900W?

Who could see that coming? Few committees gathered and regulations were signed, diesel motors and powerful vacuum cleaners blown away just like that. Mining rig could be next if they don’t provide evidence about being efficient or powered by its own energy.

If I have scared you enough then it’s probably a good time to go back to SAE …

First thing first, let we dive in their terminology so we could better understand why this project is different from others and what is so special about it regarding the fact they will be using green energy from their own power plant (wooow), they had my attention at that part already…

SAE cubes and their locations

What are they and why use abandoned facilities?

Cubes are easily deployed prebuild mining systems that will be stationed in no longer used buildings by local farmers in the Alps. Many unused buildings all around Swiss are now re-used for some other purpose because of strict laws that doesn’t allow new building project in some areas or devastating existing ones.

“the conversion of such buildings is possible as long as there are no structural changes involved in the process. Former fortresses of the Swiss army, e.g., have been converted into high security server farms or privately managed bullion vaults. The conversion of army fortresses falls under the same legislation as the re-use of barns.“

With already colder climate conditions and highly efficient ventilation units there is a plan of implementing  so called Organic Rankine Cycle – (ORC) system / still in test phase/ that could use waste heat energy from the miners to actually produce/ re-use electricity at around 50% returns at best.

Every cube will be monitored and connected to central management platform that will allow for further diagnostics/ maintenance and automated optimal parameterization to maximise mining for maximum profit.

SAE cube inside look

SAE cube inside look

Can I buy that nice SAE cube or rent some power from you?

As stated in the whitepapers you can do all above and even more with SAM tokens which you can get cheaper trough ICO on 15th of May 2018 or PRESALE that has already started.

With SAM tokens you can:

  • Buy complete SAE cube and place it in your own backyard if you want.
  • Buy or Rent SAE cube and use it in already deployed facility with complete infrastructure by using electricity plan provided through SAE and pay it with SAM tokens for even cheaper price.
  • Rent some hashing power if you don’t have big enough budget to buy complete cube by yourself
Single unit cube

Single unit cube


Here are some of the calculations based on 1/2 price of BTC all time high values


Profitability charts on single unit

Profitability charts on single unit

SAM Smart Mining – samaiX

SamaiX what? – This seems scary

It is an additional program that you can join as a SAE customer.
Services is used as an artificial intelligence helper that continuously calculates the most profitable coins  to mine and makes suggestion for miners. Samaix will be able to predict future decision for every miner by their previous choices and after some time you will have your own AI miner based on our own image. And some point they are planning to implement forecast about single coins based on previous markets cycles.

Cube outside

Cube outside


SAM Power Plants

Will SAE use energy from fossil fuels?

No, they will either participate in or buy hydropower plants, photovoltaic systems and wind power plants to power their own SAM cubes and other equipment.Also if you are miner that bought SAM cube, they will provide you with option to buy cheap green energy with your SAM tokens.
SAM can lease both premises and electricity to competitors and that means that you could also participate in energy production that will be released in second phase of the project.



 SAM Power Net

What is that? Is it some kind of syndicate for green power providers?

This will be peer-to-peer platform (P2P) that will bring together energy producers with energy consumers. You will be able to buy and sell energy with SAM tokens in the same way you can buy or sale hashing power. This will bring decentralization of existing power industry through blockchain technology and therefore make it transparent and visible.

In combination with blockchain and IoT devices with intelligent meters on them, it will be possible to use smart contracts that could pay/buy electricity in crucial moment when your IoT device send signal to initiate contract on the network.

For example: At the cutoff date, the meter reading is sent to the respective smart contract, which calculates the usage and establishes the amount due – SAM tokens in the case of SAE.

Once the consumer has paid the amount due using our back-end, delivery of the service will continue. This will be automated process based on the communication between the IoT meter and the blockchain and could provide you with cheapest energy currently available.

SAE uses Hyperledger Burrow for this solution, in combination with an IoT device that has been developed especially for this purpose.



SAM Centers

Why do we need those?

Well every machine need some love now and then and that’s why in each alpine area where Swiss Alps Energy AG is going to be operating cubes they will need someone to protect, maintain and service equipment regularly.

This is where branch office or so called SAM Center comes into place.
People from local communities will be trained and hired to operate these centers for their own beneficial good and the local municipalities may profit from tax revenues directly.

The SAM Centers will for sure have high long term impact on beneficial good for local community members and areas where they will be opened.



Token supply

A total of 239’682’538 Sam tokens (100%) will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain using a smart contract.

Sam will comply with the ERC20 standard and will be freely transferable on the Ethereum platform. These tokens will be the only Sam ever issued.

Of this total:

  • • 14’583’333 Sam (6.0844%) will be sold in the forthcoming token pre-sale. SAE aims to raise $5000000 in this initial funding round. Subsequent token sales will be made at significantly higher prices.
  • • 65’178’571 Sam (68.9156%) will be reserved for the main token sale and for future token sales and activities
  • • 23’968’250 Sam (10%) will be reserved for the founding team and partners, of which 16’777’775 (70%of the 23’968’250) will not be tradeable for one year.
  • • 19’174’600 Sam (8%) will be reserved for early angel token owners and advisors, of which 11’504’760 (60% of the 19’174’600) will not be tradeable for 3 years.
  • • 4’793’650 Sam (2%) will be reserved for bounty campaigns.
  • • 11’984’125 Sam (5%) will be reserved for future contributors


Token Distribution model

Token Distribution model


If you have any additional questions regarding the ICO you can ask  in our community Swiss ALPS ANN thread on Bitcointalk forum or contact me directly (BorisS) trough private message system.

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