GIN – The turnkey MasterNode coin

As summer is closing by maybe you are on the lookout for a new lightweight coin to mine with your rigs during these hot periods?

Crossing trough different new and old coins with Lyra2z algorithm I stumbled upon one coin (GINcoin) which caught my attention and may be interesting for the future times as more and more people are becoming interested in owning a MasterNode.

At the time of writing GINcoin (GIN) has ranked itself on number 467 on Coinmarketcap with  price around 89K Satoshi and Max supply at 10.5M GIN.

GIN coin - Specs

GIN coin – Specs


So what’s so special about this coin besides the fact that is a MasterNode coin?
Basically it is a platform on which you can use GIN coins to run your own MasterNode out of the box with only few clicks, they call it “One-click GINcoin masternode setup



1-Click MasterNode Setup


You don’t have to rent any VPS to run your own background infrastructure which brings in different level of knowledge needed to setup and maintain complete setup but instead you can run all of this on infrastructure which they have available and optimized for you.

To start your own MasterNode you will need 1.000 GIN coins which you can mine on some of the pools


Or just buy them on the exchange while they are still available for low price. GIN is at the moment of writing this article available only through Crypto-Bridge exchange.


GIN will be main currency used on this platform to pay all expenses of running the node.

This was all planed and done in the first part of their roadmap, second phase allows you to start MasterNodes from other blokchains, currently there are more than 17 different blockhain MasterNodes that you can start and pay monthly fee with GIN coins.

For example : Apollon, Marble, Rhenium, Bifrost, Nodium, Zealium, ALQO, Carebit, Zest, BitcoinIncognito, Deviant Coin, LuckyBit, KrakenCoin, Agena, Bitcoin Green,Phore.

GIN 3rd-party MasterNodes

GIN 3rd-party MasterNodes


Off course you must still have enough coins for the specific MasterNode you want to run, GIN coins are only used for paying expanse of running 3rd party MasterNode and not for MasterNode stake itself.

Next thing on their roadmap are shared MasterNodes, basically if you want to start a MasterNonde but you don’t have enough required coins this options is something you might be interested for so be on the lookout for news on their website about future updates.

GIN coin has made huge step in MasternNode business because they manage to create currency with purpose that is already used on platform with huge demand and will grow even bigger as more and more coins will be hosted through their platform.

There are many companies already offering so called “out of the box MasterNode solutions” but all of them are using some other way to pay for their services.

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