NovaExchange – Reopening

NovaExchange has recently announced that they are reopening doors for trading.
For time being only “old account holders” can use exchange but they will soon enable new registrations for all new customers as well.

As you may already heard from the news popular crypto site NovaExchange have switched owners and with that come a lot of legal stuff that has to be done before they could continue with their daily work.

For starters there will be some new rules in place for old and new customers.

  • Daily withdrawal will be limited to amount of 500 USD for all unidentified account holders, so if your account gets flagged you will need to pass KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure.

Basically you will need to upload some documents to actually prove that you are from the country you stated when you first register.

  • Gambling games that we used to play while waiting for our deposit to come in, so called „Dice & Scratch“ are discontinued because it’s against rules to run such stuff  without gambling license and new owners decided to shut it down.
  • And the most important news is that they will not be able to accept customers or residence from USA.


Rare coins on NovaExchange

Rare coins on NovaExchange

Rare low volume coins

Nova is popular exchange for different kind of crypto coins, especially for newcomers on the scene so there you could find some coins that are very rare and sometimes cannot be found on any other exchange.

Customers can also suggest coins they want to list on exchange and other members can vote for their favourite coin with currency that you can buy on NOVA or earn through your daily trading. With every trade you make you earn some percentage of NOVA points, the more you trade more point you can earn.

Final polishing is already being made but they have already reporting more than 1150% increase of overall daily trades so you can expect to see some new volume coming in from other exchanges as they continue to open other deposits.

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