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Somewhere around April 2018 we have witnessed release of a tool called “OhGodAnETHlargementPill” from a company OhGodACompany. What was even stranger than the names are facts that behind this company is a woman that was working for a long time with entities involved around GPUs? Names that she mentions in one of her interviews are NVidia, AMD, Genesis Mining and so on.

About the “ETHlargementPill”

This tool is actually some kind of optimization for NVidia cards that are based on GDDR5X memory type. So if you have any 1080, 1080Ti or Titan XP card in your mining arsenal you can expect increase in hashrate around 30-35 percent. This kind of optimisation people usually buy from developers so they could have miner with bigger hashrate or lower power consumption.
If you have 100 or 1000 cards and you manage to decrease power consumption by 5-10%, or if you stay at the same power consumption and get around 10% or more hashrate that means that your ROI time has just decreased and your long time profit has gone up.  So you have invested something and you get something in return.


But this tool was given to the community for free!
Yes this is correct statement, FREE of charge, there is no any DEV fee included or any price tag attached that you need to pay for download.

We all know there is no such thing as free in this world so you must ask yourself “what’s the catch?”


Let’s go back to the beginning of the story…

Somewhere around one month from initial release of ETHlargementPill there was an announcement from the company representative that we mentioned in the beginning of this article, nice girl that goes by the name Kristy-Leigh Minehan. Basically she announced project Mineority with only few information available through official webpage Mineority.io.

Kristy-Leigh Minehan

Kristy-Leigh Minehan

Few days ago site has gone online with initial cloud mining services and specific hardware offers at our disposal. From the perspective of a Cloud miner I can say that this looks kind of different.
We all know what cloud mining is and why would someone engage in that kind of adventure.

For example:

If you have an expensive electricity, lack of space, pumped price of mining cards or even unavailability of such, logical step is to go out and try to find some hashrate as cheap as possible.
After all you are buying hashrate and we all know that big corporation can order ton of cards and get price that is probably lower than purchase price of your local store where you would usually go and buy card as a small time miner.

They are obviously paying people that know their stuff to optimize their miners and BIOS of cards they are using so they will get maximum return for their investment. Also these companies start their businesses in cold climate countries to prevent additional cost of cooling mining facilities. All this allows them to share some profit with cloud miners that invest in their business by acquiring hashrate.

These types of contracts are regulated by amount of hashrate for specific algo and period of time you have at your disposal before the contract ends, usually 1-3 years. Story ends when the contract has reached its final date.

Mineority has gone step further; you are presented with 3 different columns in which you can select how much cards (type of cards)  you want to buy and use on their hosted platform (default period is one year and can be extended up to three years) After the hosting period expires you will be presented with options to get your cards shipped to your location free of charge or other option to renew the contract.

Mining Options

Mining Options

So we cannot even say that you are buying cards because in first columns when you select that you want 1x card you are actually buying hashrate 40 MH or more on Ethash algo, card is described as Polaris (RX470 | RX570 | RX580). We all know that market doesn’t value all three cards the same regarding the price. I don’t care if they have same hashing power; you are not shipping hashrate after the hosting period ends, but cards.


This has led me to another question, why would someone renew the contract under the same terms if he can get that same card shipped free of charge and after that just activate another let’s call it  a “new” contract?

I suspect that renewal of contract should be even better regarding the price, but that is something that we can only speculate because I could not find any info regarding the subject on official website.


But let’s go to the promising part that is making them different from others.

By paying trough your MetaMask Etherium wallet you are getting unique ERC721 token which will be main identification for hardware that you just acquired.

Also you will get access to all kinds of special miner optimized for different Algos with ability to mine any coin you like. If you ever mined on other cloud services you are aware that you can mine only few coins for specific Algo. Mineority is giving you the option to mine on the pool you like and coin that you like no matter how big or small coin actually is at the current moment.
With that kind of freedom we can say that this is probably the best cloud mining service currently available to small part time miners.

At the time of writing this article their website has changed a little, they have removed all offers to buy GPUs and shop currently offers only FCPGa cards with additional option to ship cards to your doorstep or hosts them at Mineority facilities.

Xilinx FPGA available trough Mineority store

Xilinx FPGA available trough Mineority store

If you are eager to mine Lyra2z or CNv1 – Monero 7 maybe this is your chance to deep dive into this offer while it lasts, more information available on Mineority store

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