You wanna help and donate? Why don’t do it through Humancoin

Humancoin – the currency of kindness

Almost every day on television we can see different catastrophic events all over the world. People are losing homes in fires and floods, earthquakes tearing down whole cities. In these situations people are self-organizing trough communities and helping in goods or money with collected donations…

Major problem with this kind of system is the lack of time to self-organize and help someone without breaking the law that is different in almost every state on this planet. To send someone the aid either in money or goods you must take care of different papers so people usually get discouraged because of their own problems and lack of time to go through the complete process.


Humancoin will be a revolutionary platform that will break all obstacles for us small people to go and help someone with only few clicks on our phone or tablet, with the help of blockchain technology there will no 3rd parties (Banks, governments, agencies or law firms) involved in the process. At the same time all donations will be transparent and you will be able to track how your aid money is being spend and on what projects.


Making donations trough smartphone

Making donations trough smartphone


Sound good, but how will all this work?

As a donor you will first need to register your account on the platform and enter all required information, which is something that has to be done from legal standpoint. After that, it is your choice if you want to stay anonymous or recognised by full name in every project you get involved as a donor.

Also information you are about to enter into the platform will be used in your benefit for creating and receiving tax deduction documents.


Platform will allow you to sort projects into groups, for example maybe you only want to participate in religious projects or only natural disaster situations, and maybe you want to propagate educations in 3rd world countries, or give someone without healthcare chance to get urgently needed operation.

Also if you don’t want to choose specifics projects you will be able to send funds to so called human pools where users vote and decide what project are in the biggest need for help at every specific moment.


Sorting donation projects by categories

Sorting donation projects by categories

All that will be your choice, from selecting the project and currency for donation, following implementation of project all up to getting back the results, how your aid was used and what are the results.

That is something that usually lacks in these kinds of projects – feedback of beneficiaries.

That leads us to lack of trust, or did the people that help was intended really get it?
In this case there will be no doubt about that because trough this platform you will be able to get in touch with people on the field that will be responsible for implementation of that aid.

Complete explanation regarding the operational process can be found in official whitepaper document from webpage

e-commerce and crypto currencies as a stimulating factor for increased number of donors

With every project you participate you will receive loyalty rewards points – Humancoin Tokens which you will be able to use in variety of ever-growing business, some company logos are recognisable from far away and you can expect that network will grow on daily base. You will also be able to sell them on crypto exchanges if you choose to do so.
To prevent inflation all tokens that are used trough e-commerce network will be taken out from circulation and burned.

e-commerce network that accept Humancoin tokens

e-commerce network that accept Humancoin tokens


For every amount you donate to charity you will get back around 50% of value in Humancoin tokens. For example if you donate $200 USD, and token price is $2 USD, you will get back value of $100 USD or 50 pieces of Humancoin tokens.


Humancoin platform chart

Humancoin platform chart



Team behind the project
Giles Gailer-CEO

Giles Gailer-CEO

Man responsible for making team work together as a Swiss clock is Giles Gailer, with his previous engagements in international strategic business development he has enough experience to take this project till the end. He is also charity driven runner in his spare time.

His team consists of 7 members and 7 advisors, all with previous experience in their own fields of expertise.



Token distribution model and presale bonus
Token distribution model

Token distribution model


3,055,000,000 ERC20 Humancoins are available
All tokens that go unsold will be burned
The price of one token is $0.01
Minimum purchase – 0.1 ETH


July 1 — August 15

Expected to raise$1 mln


Token Sale

September 15 — November 1

Softcap — $6 mln
Hardcap — $26 mln

The funds raised at the Token Sale will be spent on the development 
of the project in 2019

There will be additional token emissions (mining), 100% tied to the actual volume of charitable donations (Proof of Charity)


For early buyers there will be additional bonus that will decrease as time will pass and project will be closer to its final stage of release.

Regarding the additional question about the project itself you can contact me trough PM on my Bitcointalk profile “Boriss” or you can send it directly to Humancoin team on some of their social media channels or email address

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