ICON and South Korean Customs Service in pilot project


Few days ago ICON Team has released new ICX wallet for Android phones which can now be officially downloaded trough Google store. Before this mobile release only way to actually manage your ICX coins was trough Google chrome extension wallet from your computer.
Apple users will have to be more patient because ICON didn’t say when we can expect to see same mobile app wallet for IOS devices but they stated that was on their roadmap for future release.

ICONex mobile wallet for android

ICONex mobile wallet for android


News that was released on May 28th will actually have much bigger impact on ICON future and development…

South Korea Customs Service has gathered eight organizations for a meeting regarding the new project

They have said that blockchain based network are excellent solution for customs process that can be implemented by running nodes at different part of the process areas ( e-commerce, shipping and courier companies).Loopchain as an underlying blochain structure allows for authorized entities to access certain information throughout the process. More information regarding this system can be found in ICON whitepaper (page 23).

Korean Customs Service (KCS) – pilot project will start by the end of this year and they are planning to apply blockchain technology to all e-commerce import and export services shortly thereafter.

Their primary goal is as they say:

„ to lower amount of time and money they currently use to provide prompt and accurate data validation from all parties included in the customs process.”

Will ICON team have some major role in upcoming project remain for us to see.

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