GSC Aviation – how the blockchain entered the aviation industry

We have already heard many stories about implementing blockchain technology in many industries that are involved in transportation and logistics. This story is similar but still different regarding the industry and sides involved in it.

So who are these guys and what they have to  offer?

From official webpage:

„Genesis Supply Chain Platform is a company based in France. We are developing a supply chain solution to improve flight safety and streamline processes for Aviation Industry.“


GSC Aviation with this new platform has found a better way to interconnect manufacturers, suppliers and buyers of aviation parts. On this platform they intend to mitigate all problems and flaws that can usually be found in this kind of slow supply chain process where basically every error could lead to potentially loss of human lives.

Causes of aircraft accidents

Causes of aircraft accidents


Major problem that every manufacturer needs to conquer is planning their production. Usually every production planning is based on some previous orders from past periods (good month, bad month, same month year before ect.). All that planning is only estimation and can produce big problems on manufacturer and suppliers sides if estimations are wrong, and that will eventually lead to problems on buyer side in terms of prolonged deliveries and money loss on all sides.

Only thing that could solve this kind of problem is a better flow of information from one side to another in smaller amount of time, transparent from start to the end and available to all parties included in the process.

By implementing new tools trough blockchain technology this will eventually lead to higher efficiency and tamper proof documentation for ordered parts and goods.

Purchasing process covered by GSC database

Purchasing process covered by GSC database


GSC Aviation solution for this kind of system would consist of databases with queries that could with right implementation trough blockchain technology offer security and up-to-date information regarding financial strength of vendors and buyers, proof of quality standards and MRO (Maintenance Repair, and Overhaul) data.



We could summarise three main features that this platform offers:


  • Rapidly speeds up the complete supply chain process by implementing smart contracts as a safety net for all participant of in the process that are sometimes unknown to each other.

 Smart contracts are predefined digital contracts that are prearranged from all participants and configured as self-executed when predefined terms are satisfied.

  • Protect information from tampering and makes it instantly available to all participants trough GSC Aviation database, allowing for perfect trace-ability and allowing managing and protection from obsolescence on equipment that could eventually lead to accidents.
  • Fraud detection processes implemented trough blockhain that is transparent and easily auditable could eventually connect best professionals on all sides creating bigger network in aeronautical niche with strong potential for future expand and coverage of aerospace industry.
GSC blockchain network

GSC blockchain network



Team that is behind this ICO are all experienced people from different sectors, every of them covering its own filed of expertise. Complete team currently counts 29 people and intention is to recruit new talents from universities around France as the company grows and develops trough already defined roadmap. You can find more details about complete team and project in two versions of whitepaper, larger one with more details WHITE PAPER and LIGHT version with minimal details.

GSC Aviation Roadmap

GSC Aviation Roadmap


Leaders of the project are:

Maxime Legros (Founder and CEO)

Maxime Legros (Founder and CEO)

Maxime Legros (Founder and CEO) – with 7 years in aerospace industry as a buyer, Maxime has established good connections with suppliers and can easily pin point all problems that he had from working through supply chain process in an old way that he intent to change.

Cyril Vuaroqueaux (CTO)

Cyril Vuaroqueaux (CTO)

Cyril Vuaroqueaux (CTO) – as a Head of corporate management and in the same time IT guy that specialised in front end development and UX web design he is a perfect man to steer the team on a path of creating right tools for the job.



Tokensale – Distribution model,  dates and numbers

Distribution model of Tokens

  • ICO Tokensale – 60%
  • Crew – 25%
  • Advisory – 2%
  • Company Reserve – 10%
  • Bounty – 3%

GSC ICO Key Dates

GSC ICO Key Dates


Regarding the presale dates and prices;

Start of Pre-sale: 1st July 2018
Duration: 24 days
Cap: €1,200,000
Token price: €0.02
Minimum purchase: €2,000
Maximum Purchase: €100,000

Start of Tokensale: 24th July 2018
Duration: 90 days
Soft Cap: €4,000,000 Hard Cap: €46,200,000
Hard Cap: €46,200,000*
Token price: €0.05/€0.10

Minimum purchase: €100
Maximum purchase: €400,000

ICO of GSC token (ERC20-compliant, GSCP symbol) will be managed by professionals from QGen Group to insure all buyers are KYC/AML/KYB complaint and to avoid any money laundering or financing of criminal or terrorist organisations.

If you want to contact GSC Aviation you can do that trough official web page contact form or trough many of their social channels; Reddit, Medium, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, Instragram.

Also if you have any more question regarding the article you can  contact me trough my Bitcointalk forum profile BorisS

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