STRAKS e-commerce utility coin for your business

STRAKS (STAK) is one of those coins who actually have all what is needed to be in Top 100 group but somehow always stays in shade of his older brothers.
If you lived under the rock for past year then you are excused for not knowing about STRAKS, if not then you better have a good reason for not having this gem in your portfolio.

To actually understand why am I saying something like that you must look at picture below to get some insight how cheap this coin currently is for the amount of features you get in comparative with other much pricier coins.

STRAKS comparation chart

STRAKS comparation chart


STRAKS Wallets and Exchanges

You can download dedicated wallets for all operating systems Windows, Linux, MacOSx, and if you want something more you can always use Electrum.

Regarding the exchanges where you can buy or sell your STRAKS, choices are even better than with the wallets, all exchanges below are listed by the daily volume ranking from highest to lowest with decentralized CryptoBridge on the top.

  • ·         CryptoBridge
  • ·         HitBTC
  • ·         Stocks.Exchange
  • ·         SouthXchange
  • ·         Crex24


Mining and MasterNodes

For mining STRAKS that is Lyra2v2 algo you can use NVIDIA ccminer from tpruvot github page

For the mining  pools feel free to use any from the list below:


And complete How to guide can be found on official help library :


If you are not so much into mining and instead want to get some more passive income from STRAKS you can always invest in MasterNodes.
To start your own STRAKS MasteNode you will need 15.000 STRAKS.

More information regarding the stats of current nodes and numbers behind profitability you can find here:

STRAKS MasterNode Stats


About STRAKS purpose in business environment

STRAKS main goal is to establish itself as business currency so if you are a retailer or business owner of any kind this are the main advantages you can get:

  • No chargeback or fraud

With traditional payment gateways you could experience that you sold something that was paid with credit card, one month later real owner of the card denies payment because his card was stolen and used as a payment in your shop. If you don’t have some kind of insurance you will be on the losse because bank will decline you the money.

With STRAKS there cannot be that kind of inconvenience because you are in control of the funds and only you can decide if you want to send back money for something that was paid with STRAKS.

  • Fast transactions

On this filed STRAKS can easily rival all payment methods on the  blockchain as well as traditional payments gateways. Due to fact that block time is only 60 seconds apparat and with already integrated SegWit and Lightning network you will not have any delays at your cash registers.

  • New audience and marketing exposure

Imagine that you just put new sticker on the entrance of your business with STRAKS logo?

Besides the fact that you just proclaimed your business “crypto friendly” for bunch of customers that are everyday users and believers in crypto currencies you can also expect that your business get some free promotions due to different social media news and sharing that kind of information.

  • Low Transaction Fees

With STRAKS there are no hidden fees, only fee that someone is paying are transactional fee and even that is something that is paid by your customer who makes payment for goods or service that you provide.

  • Free Integration of STRAKS into your business

Whenever you decide to implement STRAKS as a payment option just contact team trough official channels and you will get all support needed to implement payment option free of charge.


If you want to take a close look at the roadmap and current state of project feel free to do so, every goal that till present day was done on schedule and if they continue with all what is planned don’t expect to see this low price of coin at these time next year.




If you want to contact STRAKS team you can do that from this contact form

or trough some of social channels:





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